I Dream of Paradise
Me? I'm a believer of impossible things.
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Remember there was almost another twilight book but someone leaked it so Stephanie Meyer refused to finish and I’m 98% sure it was Robert Pattinson and god bless him

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[…] “Did you see me disarm Hermione, Harry?” 
“Only once,” said Hermione, stung. “I got you loads more than you got me -” 
“I did not only get you once, I got you at least three times -” 
“Well, if you’re counting the one where you tripped over your own feet and knocked the wand out of my hand -”

Can we talk about her hair and why it isn’t mine.

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Things I dread:taking a shower
Things I enjoy:taking a shower



if my husband doesn’t cry when he sees me on our wedding day I will softy kick him in the shin until he sheds a tear 

Like any of you will ever get married

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